About: Galactic Spirit

(FREE) Daily Activations to fast-track Law of Time (Light Codes) - Today's Energy: Dali, Magnetic Wizard (Wed February 21, 2018)

Galactic Spirit = Empowering System to Expand Your Essence into Universal Wholeness

Based upon Law of Time Made Easy

Benefits, 2-minute Suggestions, Jami Lin's Personal Note & Magical Dates and Credits


Accelerate Your Evolutionary Consciousness!

Galactic Spirit demystifies and fast-tracts your spiritual and cosmic awakening.

In 2-3 minutes, every day, Ed-U-Activations and ever-enriching discovery.

Increase Awareness of "multi-dimensional, patterns" of Cosmic Energy to:

  • Activate Telepathy
  • Raise Spiritual Meaning
  • Expand Perceptions and Synchronicities
  • Increase Intelligence, Imagination and Creativity

Unlock natural (and scientific) Rhythms of your Galactic Spirit
HumanKIND's Evolution of Inner Time and Space

Galactic Spirt may be (restrictively) thought of as "Galactic Astrology"
yet, it's breath is as profound and prophetic as
the SOURCE of Universal Knowing

Galactic Spirt defined, by my example:

  • I am a Galactic Spirit, Like YOU?
  • Evolving my Galactic Spirit is my Spiritual Practice
    For me, resonance with the truths and how their personal benefits keep getting more profound.

  • WE ARE Galactic Spirits!
    Evolving Human Consciousness to the next level


Benefit with Ed-U-Activations in 3 ways:

1. 2-3 minutes Relax & Receive Activation! Select an image or keyword to savor in your mind throughout your day
2. 5 minutes Reflect on images and keywords. What are you doing today? How does today's Assess Goals & Motives (13-actions) relate to Enlightenment (20-meaning) within your Discovery (embed WAVE meaning).

Any "shadow-side revelations" to release? Let 'em go! How does today's Life Aspirations make YOU better, more fulfilled and happier?

Use Daily Galactic Spirit to Improve Personal & Work Relationships. Set (Physical/3D, Emotional & Mental/4D & Spiritual/5D) Goals. BE your Best YOU!




Start and stop today's Galactic Spirit video. Each video slide* holds multi-dimensional secrets for personal exploration for mediation or journaling. Reflect on the patterns to unlock and deepen hidden treasures within you.

*Please refer to all layers of discovery videos. I took utmost care and thought for YOU to explore the depth of each slide. Watch videos as often as you like. Every aspect is multi-dimensional and integrated with all others. Go deeper and deeper...or better said, higher in higher into exploring your Galactic Spirit.

Personal note:

I realized that I was a spiritual seeker when recalling my first dream (3 years-old?) about playing with "bald guys in orange robes." With my award-winning books, Feng Shui Mastery and ColorAlchemy/Chakra Exploration, I've been blessed to teach and travel throughout the world. Highlights include studies with Lamas in China and one of my most astonishing experiences was at a Grampa-Guru's feet in India.

I was introduced to Law-of-Time and it's Light Codes in 1983. The mathematical/scientific cosmological roots (not included on this site - see History Chronicles) keep getting more exciting as current, quantum sciences consistently prove and validate it's "out-of-this-world" wisdom.

Understanding that all progress is "Cause and Effect" or, better experienced...

Effort = Results!

I (personally) found the teachings complicated ... (Just like you) I'm busy. I wanted to Feel and BE Spirit. I am a good student, but information overloaded.

Still, my inner knowing (or destiny - my story of repeating and magical synchronicities) kept bringing my Galactic Spirit "home."

In 2012 my commitment - to myself - solidified! The more Law-of-Time I learned, the more I enriched Physical (3D), Mental & Emotional (4D) and Spiritual (5D+) dimensions of myself ... I LOVE Daily Revelations!

My Adventures into Cosmic Interconnection with the Universal Whole are invaluable, I AM That! Om Tat Sat ओम् तत् सत्

The Best, Life Discoveries I find for myself, I want for YOU!*

Accessibility: Like YOU, I'll put in the effort, but who has time for overwhelming and complicated?

I want to Live and LOVE Consciously NOW with all-encompassing wholeness ... and explore ever-deepening evolutionary enlightenment...

I meditated SOULutions!

Galactic Spirit revealed to MY Galactic Spirit how to offer
Law-of-Time expressions so that YOU will simply and quickly receive
Evolutionary insights from YOUR Galactic Spirit!

*(Sharing Transformations from my heart isn't a new concept for me. I LOVE sharing my passions in the simplest and fastest and best way that I know how YOU can receive them! IE: Feng Shui, ColorAlchemy/Chakras, YOUthDuo SkinCARE)

Like you, I am a Galactic Spirit that LOVES enriching my ever-deepening Galactic Spirit and potential. I would love the same for YOU!


My heart holds ultimate appreciations and respect for the Law of Time. Profound thanks and deep gratitude to Dr. Jose Arguelles, Lloydine Burris and Stephanie South. In support of Your Evolution, a lot of the artwork comes directly from Law of Time as to maintain visual consistency and so you can follow Activations and Evolutions along with the highly-recommended 13-moon almanac - the best tool ever! A profit percentage from these offerings is happily donated to Law of Time. Greatest, loving thanks to my husband who helps me with all 3D matters. Thank you beloved Joel with your supreme patience with my endless time in my "human cave." Thank ALL Galactic Spirits who assist me on my journey....I am ever grateful.